Double Diamond Slots

Double Diamond Slots is the old classic 7s, dimes, cherries and bananas three-line machine, produced originally by IGT. The game has been one of IGT’s most popular and best-known 3-line slots, plus Five Times Pay and Triple Diamond. It has a high win limit and offers a progressive payout. In comparison to other machines in the slot spectrum Double Diamond Slots is one of the smallest. The graphics are clean and simple, giving this machine a homely feel. It is also one of the oldest and has a long history in the gaming industry.

This casino slot is available for play in single or double diamond versions. The version you select will determine the frequency of paying off double diamonds. While it is not possible to tell from the machine screen what the odds of getting double diamonds are, it is likely that the higher your win limit, the better your chances. The lower your win limit, the more likely you are to pay off nothing. It’s the same principle as in blackjack; the higher you can pay off before losing everything, the better you will do at the table.


As far as layouts go, Double Diamond Slots gives away more than one payout per spin. That means that there is an equal chance that you will get at least one payout, or two. Some slot machines give away more payouts per spin, but Double Diamond Slots gives away more per spin. While not everyone can afford a six-figure bankroll, some lucky individuals do. At least they can play this version of slots to their hearts content!

In order to get the maximum benefit out of Double Diamond Slots, you should know what you are doing. Unlike most other slot machines that you might play at a casino, you won’t know what you’re luckier for by looking at the symbols on the machine. That is because this particular slot machine does not use a logo that signifies what its symbol means. Instead, you will need to use the dictionary to figure it out. Look up all of the definitions for the symbols that you can find. Then you should try to visualize how these symbols will have an effect on the payouts that Double Diamond Slots gives off.

Double Diamond Slots Online Casino Malaysia

Double Diamond Slots will payout two coins when it pays off, compared to the one-reel machines you may be used to playing at an Online Casino Malaysia. This is because the symbols displayed on this machine change depending on which hand it is turned over. If you are playing the Online Casino Malaysia machine with regular three-reel slot machines, you will notice that the symbol representing the jackpot is always surrounded by six bars. On the contrary, if you are playing Double Diamond Slots and place your bet then the symbol representing the jackpot is two bars. Since there are five coins in a jackpot, you should know that doubling your money will double the amount that you can win.

Regular slots

The second thing that you should learn about the Double Diamond Slots is the high limit double diamond slot machine. Like with regular slots, this machine gives out a high number of regular coins upon winning. However, you will notice that there are two icons beside the coins in the reel. When you pull these icons, you can now double your winnings.

As with regular slots, winning on a double diamond pays more than the regular version. This is due to the fact that the jackpot value is two times higher than that of other slot games. As you progress through the game, you will notice that you will be receiving higher paying double coins. If you want to cash out more coins, you should stay focused so that you do not allow yourself to get carried away. Keep in mind that winning on a double diamond slot machine requires constant concentration because you may end up hitting a jackpot while concentrating on other things such as keeping the machine spinning.

Lastly, double diamond slot machines are great options for people who are looking for exciting casino play. Although this version of slots has a higher pay than its regular counterparts, it is still guaranteed to provide you with fun and excitement. If you want to experience an exciting and fun casino game, consider playing on a double diamond slot machine. You will definitely enjoy the thrill and excitement of this kind of slot game provides.